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Just Thought You’d Wanna Know *Edited with Pictures*

Funk Watch ’07 is officially over. Em is on the mend and is almost done with all medications. The final, official diagnosis? Damn if I know, but the best guess is a secondary viral infection to a recent case of strep throat and an allergic reaction to um, well, um, something. We never did figure...

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  • littlemissblogspotJune 3, 2007 - 9:46 pm

    and all along I thought she was just chubby–good to know the swelling has gone down. sorry I had to threaten her with a shot in the butt, at least I got her to take her medicine though, right?!

    btw, you were BOTH right about the curtain rod. Forward or backward–it’s in the exact same spot! ; )

Ode to Spring, or What Happens When Bad Mothers Collide

This spring a bird managed to worm its way into my fireplace chimney. How do I know you may ask? Because she then proceeded to build a nest in the top of my chimney, lay eggs and hatch them up there. She ran around collecting food for her new chicks, feeding them until they were...

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