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Alysa & Aaron

DRY_1200webDRY_9993webDRY_9932webDRY_9921webDRY_9895webDRY_9863webDRY_9376webDRY_9444webDRY_9531webDRY_9711webDRY_9733webDRY_9794webDRY_9351webDRY_9327webDRY_9321webDRY_9312webDRY_1185webDRY_0801webDRY_0607webDRY_0735webDRY_0416webDRY_0405webDRY_0384webDRY_0287webDRY_0214webDRY_0203webDRY_0177webDRY_0134webDRY_0099-2webDRY_0076webAlysa and Aaron were sealed in the Baton Rouge Temple on April 18th. It was my honor to capture it all and reconnect with some old friends. This wedding was such a sweet occasion and I was honored to be a part of the Gomezes forming a new family.

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