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That’s My Truth*

I’ve decided to dedicate July, or what’s left of it, to truth. I really like this idea, especially because there is a lot of truths I’m having to learn in my life right now. Don’t get me wrong, things are great, I mean REALLY great. It’s just that they are completely different from how I thought my life would look at this point. Or even look if it was really great. And that’s okay, as I’m now learning.

Take work for example. I’ve repetitively said I would quit when I became licensed. That’s just not happening, even if I wanted to. Between shortages, schedules and hiring freezes, there is no way in hell I’m leaving my office high and dry right now. But here’s the truth of it: I don’t want to. Since starting the application process and becoming licensed, I find myself much more energized. I no longer feel like a second class citizen, doing the same things as everyone else and getting over looked and paid half. Mostly because, well, I’m not any more. That’s helped, I have to admit, but there’s more. Somewhere in this process I have found my bliss again. I have relearned why I do this. Part of this is due to some successes I’ve had and part of it is just really being needed. But what ever it is, it’s working. At least for now. I’m not saying I’m now immune to burn out. It is still there, I feel it below the surface, but for now it is staying below and as long as it does, I’m going to keep my head down and keep working. And hopefully helping and making a difference for some people.

So this is where I sit today, as I try to wrap up some projects around the house before heading out to Beach Week ’09. Which is no easy task, because I’ve recently discovered decorating blogs. (I know, as usual, I’m really late to the party.) I started building a new bench for the mud room at eight o’clock last night. Jeff has threaten to put parental control software on my laptop to monitor the use of my newly discovered porn. (Yes, it is that bad. How did I not know this stuff was out there people? I blame you.)

But I’m gonna keep sitting, and working and killing Jeff with my late night/heel wearing projects, because I’m liking where I’m sitting right now. It’s different, but it’s really comfortable.

Now let’s get packed people, ’cause we head out early in the morning. No pushing or shoving and last one on the beach is a rotten egg.

*Completely stolen from Rae, who stole it from her nephew.

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  • RachelJuly 27, 2009 - 10:31 am

    Thanks for giving me props for the title. I am so completely pumped that you found your bliss again because you’re pretty incredible at what you do. Enjoy the beach! I’m so jealous that I’m not there. I blame you. :o)

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