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The Saga Continues: Try to Stay Awake

So the hydrangea that gave me so much hope? Yeah, the really pretty one that finally bloomed?
Yeah, that one, it’s dead. I guess I over watered it, but who knows really? Thanks goodness I’m having a torrent affair with my camera, or we may never have been able remember the beauty that once was.

Also in disappointing news department: I’m shooting a wedding this weekend, I’d hope to get a new lens, but it was not in the cards, so I’m shooting with my same ole, same ole. The new lens I finally settled on is over $600. Ouch, yeah that’s gonna have to wait, especially since there are other expenses on the horizon. More about that later. Promise.

At least the mudroom floor was poured. Supposedly the first wall goes up tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes. I’m taking bets on how many tools will be thrown and if the Hero Race Driver and I will be speaking tomorrow pm. You do not want to miss this action.

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  • RachelJune 17, 2009 - 12:04 pm

    I kill hydrangeas too. Don’t feel bad. My only excuse is that it was a gift from “you know who” and I am maintaining that it was an omen of a friendship that was doomed. Or maybe she poisoned it…who knows? :o) Just kidding.

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